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Since 2015, Cafe Phố Instant Coffee products have broken into the USA market, introducing CafePHO as the perfect addition for any occasion. Together with the gentle bitterness of coffee, milky flavor and icy ice cubes, Café Phố brings you the authentic street experience wherever you are. Drinking Café Pho with ice helps you to stay awake and focused for an effective working day.

Our Reviews

I love the convenience of making this iced coffee. I just add some cold milk and a bit of ice and blend it in my nutribullet. Yum! It's already sweetened so it's good to go. Admittedly, the taste is different than other coffee, so it may not be for everyone, but I actually really like the taste! I'm definitely buying again soon. 🙂
Jen T.
Size: 1 Pack
This product was very delicious and I would like to purchase it again.
Joanne W.
Size: 1 Pack
Follow the instructions and you'll have wonderful iced coffee.
Kirsten K.
Size: 3 Pack
This product was recommended to me from a Vietnamese-American friend who has been drinking it a long time. Bought some from Amazon and really like it. Very nice to have a "just add hot water" option for a quick, tasty, different style of coffee. Don't really have anything to closely compare it to, but it has creamer in it and maybe a little sweetener. I add a little sweetener to it and it's perfect. Give it a try, you might like it!
Bob S.
Size: 1 Pack
Great tasty authentic Vietnamese coffee. I mix it with very little hot water, 3 spoon of condense milk then a lot of ice!! Super yummy!!
Sam S.
Size: 2 Pack